How To Create A Blog In 2019 To Make Money Online

How To Create A Blog In 2019 To Make Money Online

In order to make money online, one of the easiest things to do is to start a blog. Creating a blog is easy, getting organic traffic to the blog is the tough part. I shall discuss on how to get organic traffic to your blog later in the series. First, what is a blog ? A blog is basically a website where you post your content. A website can be a blog, a shopping site, a social networking site and much more.

how to start a blog in 2019

Now, let’s divide our topic into two parts:

  • How to create a blog in 2019
  • How to make money online from blogging

1. How To Create A Blog in 2019

To start a blog in 2019 you will require two things.

a. Domain

b. Web Hosting

a. Domain – A domain is essentially the name of your blog or website. For example, www.bloggingbite.com is the domain (name) of this blog. ‘www’ stands for World Wide Web which basically is the prefix to almost every website and ‘.com’ is called extension. Selecting a domain name is very important in terms of getting organic traffic. You must always choose a domain name that matches your business or blog content. For example, if your blog is based on motorbikes, your domain name should be motorbikesforyou, motorbikesinfinity or something related to motorbikes.


An exception to the domain name selection procedure can be that you can choose your name as your blog’s domain name like ‘www.arshdeepchhetri.com’

But this will only prove to be beneficial if Arshdeep Chhetri is searched across Google, Bing, Yahoo or other search engines very often i.e. you need to be a known person in order to choose your name as your blog’s domain name.

After you are done selecting the domain name for your blog, you need to purchase that domain from a domain registrar ( Companies that provide with domain names )

Step 1 – Visit a domain registrar by clicking down below.

( Today’s offer 61 Rupees domain for 1 yr )

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Step 2 – Check if your domain name is available.

When you check for the availability of your blog’s domain name check it with extension i.e. ‘arshdeepchhetri.com’

Extension selection is just as important as you blog’s domain name selection.

what is domain name

  • Select .com if you want to have a global reach as .com is the most recognised extension.
  • Select .in , .us , .uk etc if your blog is targeted towards a specific country.
  • Select .org if you represent an organisation
  • Select .gov if you are a part of any government agency

Generally ‘.com’ , ‘.org’ , ‘.net’ are called top level domains.

Step 3 – Purchase the domain name for your blog. ( for 1 yr, 2 yr as per your requirements )

b. Web hosting – Web hosting is the space on the internet where you will work on your blog or website. Just like domain, you need to purchase web hosting from companies.

Step 1 – Visit the hosting company by Clicking below.

Step 2 – Select your plan ( monthly/ yearly as per your needs )

Step 3 – Purchase the web hosting.

Once you are done purchasing Domain and Web Hosting from above you can choose a platform to work on your blog. The most popular one is WordPress. How To Install WordPress In Your Blog In 4 Easy Steps will definitely guide you in installing WordPress to your blog quickly.

2. How to make money online from blogging

Now this is the part where most people are interested in. Yes, you can definitely make money online from blogging. However I would advise you to pursue blogging for passion and money will follow. There are many ways in which you can make money from your blog or website. Here I will discuss the two most popular ones.

a. Ads

b. Affiliate Marketing

a. Ads – Ads or advertisements mean that some commercials would be displayed on your blog for which you will be paid for. The biggest advertisement company out there is Google Adsense. You need to apply for Google Adsense and once your application is approved you can start displaying ads on your blog. I will provide a detailed post on ‘ How to get approval from Google Adsense in 2019 ‘.

Pros :

i. Good source of passive income.

ii. Can use same Adsense account for multiple blogs/websites.

iii. Can use multiple ads on same page ( but don’t use more than 3 )

Cons :

i. Adsense approval process is tough.

ii. Need large traffic to generate decent income.

iii. Ad rates vary across countries, regions, festivals, offers, etc.

a. Affiliate Marketing – Whenever you refer someone regarding any products or services , you get paid a commission for doing so. This is called affiliate marketing. The commission rates vary from 1% to 80% depending upon the product and its seller. Commission rates are low for physical products and high for digital ones. I will write a detailed post on ‘How to do Affiliate Marketing in 2019’. Here I will give you a brief idea that you generate an affiliate link which the consumer clicks and you get a commission.

Pros :

i. Very high income as compared to Advertisements.

ii. You do not need large traffic to earn well.

iii. You can do affiliate marketing along with Advertisements.

Cons :

i. Physical products have low commission rates.

ii. Some companies like Amazon don’t allow you to refer products to your family, friends.

iii. Generally latest and hot selling products have very less commission rates.



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