How to get pregnant quickly and effectively

How to get pregnant quickly and effectively

how to get pregnant fast and naturally

Pregnancy or gestation is the term referred to when a woman carries one or more than one offspring. To be completely honest getting pregnant is a matter of chance. As you can get pregnant even via pre ejaculate fluid or you may not get pregnant even after trying for months. So in order to get pregnant quickly and effectively you need to follow certain steps in order to increase your chances of getting pregnant.

1. Fertility test

The first thing that you need to confirm is that both you and your partner are fertile because if either of you is infertile then natural pregnancy will not be possible in that case. 

2. Health information

You also need to get a medical check up to ensure that neither of the partners is suffering from any disease ( especially STDs ) because in most cases it is not conducive towards pregnancy and has very high chances to be transmitted to your partner and offspring as well. Visit any centers for disease control and prevention and get yourself and your partner evaluated for the same.

3. Eat right

Men need to get enough proteins and carbs for production of high quality sperms which in turn increases the chances of fertilisation. The sperms count and quality majorly depends upon food intake. The female needs to consume dairy products daily. Beans lentils and nuts will also aid fertility. 

4. Sexual position

As mentioned before that getting pregnant is a matter of chance ( this is the reason few women get early pregnancy while others don’t ) however if you try the position in which man is on top and woman is at the bottom commonly referred to the missionary position, the chances of getting pregnant becomes higher because of the level of penetration of male genital is higher. 

5. Emotional connection

Both the men and women need to be passionate for Each Other during the intercourse as higher the arousal of the man greater will be the amount of sperms released.

6. Avoid masturbating

This one is specially for the men. Many believe that excessive masturbation can lead to decreased sperm count in males. However the true fact is that excessive masturbation basically eradicates all sexual desires. Hence limit your masturbation to maximum twice a week.

7. Exercise daily

Exercising daily will increase your stamina during intercourse and will also ensure that you do need any sort of stamina increasing pills.

8. Fruits

Citrus fruits and pomegranate consumption should be increased for high sperm count in men. Women should consume green leafy vegetables in order to increase their chances to conceive.

9. Best time for intercourse

Women get pregnant at any time of month barring their periods. However in order to increase the fertility chances intercourse should take place during the fertility window which is few days before ovulation. Ovulation means the process of releasing of eggs from the ovaries. Every woman has a different ovulation cycle hence you can use an ovulation calculator for that purpose and due date calculator for the calculation of next period.

10. Pregnancy test

You have to keep trying for pregnancy week by week and look for early signs of pregnancy such as fatigue, vomiting, nausea, headaches, cramps, pregnancy weight gain, citrus fruits cravings etc. Pregnant women tend to have mood swings more often and act lazier than the usual ones ( minor symptoms of pregnancy ). You can also run some home pregnancy tests to ensure if baby born to be is on its way or not. 

11. Avoid Birth Control Pills and Protection

This one is too obvious. But just in case you forgot that pregnancy will take place after fertilisation that is after a sperm has fused with an egg. Hence men should not wear protection and women should not take any contraceptive pills.

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