51 weight loss tips to lose weight fast and naturally

51 weight loss tips to lose weight fast and naturally

weight loss tips to lose weight

1. Reduce your calorie intake

While going for weight loss through diet maintenance always remember that ‘ Less is More ‘. During initial stages you need to reduce your portion sizes by at least 25% which will automatically result in low calorie diet. For instance if you consume a full bowl of rice you should immediately reduce it to three-fourth.

2. Do not eat anything heavy before sleeping.

Be it just a power nap or an overnight sleep, you should avoid eating anything that makes you feel bulky because it leads to obesity and diabetes. One may also feel burning sensation in his stomach or even acidity.

3. Add Whey Protein to your diet

You should get yourself a good quality whey protein and take at least two servings per day. Most good quality whey  proteins have 25 g of protein per serving which is optimum for your body a few of them even have 0 g of fats.

4. Sleep for at least 8 hours

Sleeping is essential for smooth continuity of life. A lot of repairing of cells and muscles takes place during our bedtime. This is one of the most important weight loss tips that many neglect and hence they don’t get desired results.

5. Lemon & Honey drink

This should be the first thing that you should consume after waking up in the morning. Take a glass of warm water and add lemon and honey to it. Stir it to make a mixture and consume. It will kick start your metabolism, detoxify your body and make you energetic for the rest of the day.

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6. Oats for breakfast

Oats is one of the healthiest breakfast out there despite not being as delicious as many other meals. However it will provide you with essential nutrients and most importantly it will keep you full for a longer duration and hence curb your overeating tendencies.

7. Keep fruits in handy

Instead of rushing to the nearest restaurants for a quick meal or snacks you should keep apples or bananas in your back pack. They are easy to carry and require little efforts to consume and for the record ‘ An apple a day keeps a doctor away ‘.

8. Stay away from commercial weight loss products

Do not fall for advertisements such as ‘ Lose weight fast without diet and exercise plan’. Many of these products are nothing but a combination of multivitamins and various other supplements. Few of them may even cause allergies and reaction in your body.

9. Replace your normal tea with Green tea

Green tea has many antioxidants which detoxifies your body and also helps in burning calories. ( Note – Green tea helps in burning fat that is you must be following other weight loss tips to lose weight as well because it has been seen that solely consuming green tea doesn’t help in weight loss )

10. Say ‘No’ to fried stuffs for breakfast

The morning meal is the most important meal of the day. Pouring oil and fats down your throat right in the morning may not be a very good decision. Such food makes you feel lethargic and increases cholesterol levels ( leading to heart disease). Peanut butter with brown bread is one quick and healthy breakfast. Consult a registered dietitian to help you with a diet chart in accordance with your body mass index.

11. Apple Cider Vinegar

Many people are unaware that apart from skin issues apple cider vinegar also helps in weight loss by curing indigestion and lowering of blood sugar level. (P.S high blood sugar level is not an idle condition)

12. Remove sugar from your diet

The weight loss tips aren’t meaningful without this one. Simply remove sugar from every place that you can. That includes coffee, tea, milk, sweets and dishes. You require one hour of intense workout to burn one tablespoon of sugar. Now you can imagine that how terrible is sugar for health and why cutting down on sugar is a huge weight loss tip.

13. Processed foods are your biggest weight loss enemies

Processed food/ junk food have zero to very low nutritional value and your stomach requires more time to digest them. Pizzas, burgers, noodles and french fries are just a few to name. Always go for healthy snack instead of these.

14. Start jogging everyday

It will keep you in good shape and help you in the longer run. You can start slowly and then increase your speed keeping your limits in your mind. Try running barefoot on a grass field in the morning. It is said to improve eyesight.

15. Avoid fasting

Fats are hard to go whereas muscles are not. Therefore when you fast your body burns the muscles instead of fats. You may feel lighter after fasting but in essence it is the weakness after burning of the muscles.

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16. Quit Smoking

Smoking not only leads to cancer however it hinders your breathing capacity as well. People who smoke regularly often have difficulty in breathing and hence they aren’t able to do deep breathing exercises.

17. Hit the gym

Go to your nearest gym and stay committed for minimum six months. The first two months are required by your body to adapt to gymming activities. Generally the results start appearing after the third month. ( Do consult a trainer to avoid injuries ) If you cannot manage to hit the gym then you should get yourself a mini workout kit & start working out at home.

18. Sleep before 11 pm

11 pm to 3 am is the best time for body repairing. During this time your body secretes maximum amount of growth hormone which helps in muscle building and repairing.

19. Workout on an empty stomach

The logic for this weight loss tip is simple. The energy required for workout will be derived from your body fats when your stomach is empty and hence it will aid weight loss.

20. Do not check your weight daily

This will lead to depression if you don’t see the numbers you want to. Keep a weekly check if you are too eager to monitor your weight loss journey in detail.

21. 1 kg weight loss in 1 hour

Yes, it is possible. It has been seen many a times that you tend to lose anywhere between 100-1000 g of weight after an intense workout session. It is just a slight weight shift and next day you will have probably gained back those extra grams.

22. No Alcohol

Alcohol will make you gain weight slowly and steadily. The changes in weight will be so small that you won’t be able to notice it at first. However when you realise its too late by then.

23. Eat 3 hours before you sleep

Many people are ignorant towards the difference between their meal and bed time. The food stays in our stomach for 3 hours. Hence, if you go to bed at 11 pm you must have your dinner by 8 pm. Digested food will only better your sleep cycle.

24. Walk after every meal

Immediately laying down on the bed or sofa will bring you closer to obesity. This happens because your body is brought to the state of rest immediately after having loads of food. Hence the digestion process is slowed down considerably. 15 minutes of walking after every meal will be enough.

25. Drink plenty of water

Make sure to drink a glass of water every hour to keep yourself hydrated. It will remove toxins from your body and also make digestion smoother in your stomach.

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26. HIIT

HIIT stands for high intensity interval training. Here you are required to perform intensive cardio exercises for some time with a small rest gap between consecutive exercises. For instance, one minute of cardio followed by thirty seconds of rest.

27. Fruits before meal

If you are a fruit lover, its amazing. However you must know the right time to eat those fruits. Certain fruits are acidic in nature and hence make your tummy upset if taken after a heavy meal.

28. Yoga

One of the most underrated weight loss tips is Yoga. Yoga not only helps in weight loss but also makes your body flexible. The Cobra and Wheel position are the most effective fat burning postures.

29. Meditation

Along with Yoga, Meditation is also amongst underrated weight loss tips. Daily ten minutes of meditation will calm your mind and also aid in hormonal balance of the body. It will also reduce stress.

30. Do not Stress

If you are under too much stress your blood sugar level increases and thus you gain weight. Hence you must avoid stress and overthinking.

31. Avoid chocolates

Chocolates are delicious.They also help secrete serotonin and dopamine which gives body a wonderful feeling. However the total calories and fats they contain far outweigh the good feeling by the hormones.

32. Fruits for sweets

If you have a sweet tooth for chocolates and other sweets, you should consider having fruits such as bananas and pears. They are sweet, nutritional and will curb your hunger for chocolates as well.

33. Check nutritional value of Sugar free products

In case you go for sugar free products such as sugar free chocolates, sugar free tablets, etc make sure to check their nutritional content. Most people are satisfied after reading zero fats on the label. However other content such as trans fats, cholesterol, protein etc should also be checked.

34. Do not replace healthy diet with low calorie fast food

Even if your pizza makes up for 500 calories, you should not replace your healthy meal with eat. This is because weight loss by taking a healthy diet will keep your body well shaped and face glowing. However unhealthy diet will give you dull look and a weak body. Also have salad with dressing on the side.

35. Stay away from ice cream

1 scoop of ice cream has approximately 205-210 calories. Whereas 1 chapatti has approximately 85-105 calories depending upon size. On an average if you consume scoops of ice cream you will have already surpassed 1000 calories mark which will make you gain weight without any questions.

36. Quit Junk Food for at least 3 months

Most junk food are just meant to give you a good taste without any nutritional value in them. They are high calorie diet and make you gain weight like crazy.

37. Eat fruits as whole

When you grind a fruit, it is believed that it takes away many of its nutritional value. Hence it is advised to eat fruit as whole instead of juice.

38. Limit your cheat day to 1 per week

If possible do not have a single cheat day for the first month of your weight loss journey. It will help your body get accustomed to a healthy diet. But since many people find it difficult hence 1 cheat day every 10 days or a week is allowed.

39. Beer will make you fat

If you have heard of the term ‘Beer Belly’ then you must know that it is a result of drinking beer. Beer makes your stomach protrude and it will take a lot of sweat at the gym to get rid of that beer belly.

40. Replace white with brown

This weight loss tips means to replace wheat flour with whole grain floor. As you may have guessed already it would mean replacing white bread with brown bread , white rice with whole rice and so on.

41. Maximise eating green leafy vegetables

Green leafy vegetables are a great source of nutrients and majority of them contain low fats. Apart from weight loss, green leafy vegetables have various health benefits such as improved eyesight, reduction in cholesterol level etc. You should also go for lean protein if possible.

42. Use Extra Virgin Olive Oil for cooking

You should consider replacing your regular cooking oil with extra virgin olive oil because it has healthy fats which is easily digested in your stomach.

43. Do not sit idle

One of the most unnoticed cause of weight gain is lack of any physical activity. Absence of physical activities from your daily life accumulates fats in your body and unless you have a super fast metabolism you will become obese sooner rather than later.

44. Unnecessary supplements

You should not go for any sort of supplements claiming to result in weight loss. While some of them are harmless, few could contain salts which may react adversely in your body.

45. Swimming

A half an hour swim daily will make your body agile and toned. While swimming, you need to ovecome the force of water along with carrying your body forward/backward. Hence you will burn a lot of calories in this process and it will result in weight loss and muscle gain as well.

46. Pick up a sport

You can choose cricket, football or any other sport. Playing a sport is a great source of entertainment ( apart from aiding in weight loss) to break the monotony of your hectic schedule. Playing your favourite sport 3-4 times a week is a good recreational activity as well.

46. Avoid sitting activities

You should not indulge in activities that require you to be in sitting position for more than 5-6 hours. This makes your body physically and psychologically inactive and makes you gain weight.

47. Avoid ice cold water

While you should drink up to 10 glasses of water a day, however it should be either lukewarm or warm. This is because cold water slows your metabolism and makes you gain weight. On the other hand warm water makes you lose weight by speeding up your metabolism.

48. Basketball

You may be thinking how can basketball be one of the weight loss tips, but it happens to be so because of interesting reasons. Basketball is a very quick and intensive sport. It includes sprints, jumps and great reflexes. All of these activities promote release of growth hormones which in turn results in a well toned body.

49. Be consistent

As mentioned before it will require at least three months to see a noticeable change in your body. Hence you should remain consistent with eating healthy, training right and sleeping sufficiently.

50. Do not compensate diet with training

Never try to balance unhealthy diet with intensive training or less training with skipping meals. You will fail miserably in your weight loss journey if you try to attempt either of these two. As far as skipping meals is concerned, breakfast is strictly forbidden, whereas lunch and dinner can be compromised sometimes.

51. Stay motivated

All of the above mentioned weight loss tips will work only through dedication and commitment. There may be times when you may feel that you are not losing weight or have reached a plateau, however desire to reach your goal will only help you get the idle body weight that you dream of.

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